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Project > Machinery Equipment > Conch Cement Project

Conch Cement Project

Project name: Conch Cement Project

Project time: In 2012

Location: Anhui Province of China

Supply range: Main Exhaust Fan,High Temperature Fan,Induced Fan)

Model No.: SL6-2×39№27.5F, M6-39№19F, W6-2×39№28.5F,W4-65№17F, Y4-2×65№24FY4-2×65№25.5F

Project description

In 2012, we supplied fan equipment for the largest cement plant Conch, the products including exhaust fan SL6-2×39№27.5F, M6-39№19F, high temperature fan W6-2×39№28.5F,W4-65№17F, induced draft fan Y4-2×65№24F,Y4-2×65№25.5F etc. 

This project is located in Anhui Province of China.


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